CranioSacral Integrated Session

Integrated Session  (CranioSacral)         60 - 90 minutes                            
Typically an Integrated Session is based in CranioSacral Therapy, depending on your own individual needs the session may also use a combination of Visceral Manipulation, Manual Articular Approach and SER Somatic Emotional Healing.

Other Treatment Options - used in conjunction with CranioSacral Treatment or Seperately

Massage                                                           1 hour                                             
Massage treatments are derived from swedish massage, depending on your needs may also come from a fascial perspective.  Essential Oils can play a integral part of the massage when used for example, to help in the release of muscular tensions and restriction. Aromatherapy masssage combines the relaxing effects of essential oils with the benefits of body massage.

Reflexology                                                      1 hour                                             
Reflexology sessions can be traditional, following RAC protocol and standards or the treatment can also include massage of the lower leg and foot, addressing fascial restrictions within the foot. Making the treatment inclusive of tissue restrictions and structural issues.
Advanced training in Assisting Labour, Pre and Postnatal Support through Accupressure and Reflexology

Essential Oil Blend                                       30 minutes                                      
Session includes consultation to determine the nature  of your blend.  Focus may be on your personal preferences to develop a scent specifically designed for your individual use.  Alternatively the consultation may be directed to address a specific health concern. Each session will produce a blend, or blends to take home with you.