Pam has incredible energy and is a very talented practitioner. I have experienced Cranial work before but this was my first experience with Pam and I was blown away. With light touch, she was able to move a lot of energy in my body which I would compare to the feeling of a deep massage, but without the pressure. After the appointment, I was amazed at how grounded and clear I felt, and this is a feeling that stayed with me. This calm place which Pam guided me to, is a place that I am able to return to when the busyness of life sweeps me away. I am looking forward to doing more work with Pam soon. 

Laurel G.

I found Pamela while researching ways to deal with my severe post concussion symptoms. Over three months her regimen of care produced amazing result.  I have full range of motion without vertigo and have returned to work.  Headaches, anxiety and lack of focus are all gone.  I was also impressed with her ability to work seemlessly with my other healthcare providers.  I would recommend Pamela for anyone.

Peter S.


Craniosacral was the missing piece in my recovery after all previous efforts had left me still in pain.  I feel that Pam's treatments were exactly what I needed to heal.  

Barb E.